Ronnie Bower weighed nearly 700 pounds (around 318 kg) three years ago. Drugs, alcohol, and his big stature left him motionless and jobless. His doctors told him that he could lose his life by 35 due to his obesity. That’s when Ronnie thought enough was enough. This grave news along with Taylor Swift’s music motivated him to get up and do something worthwhile to lose weight.

With this video, Ronnie wanted to encourage people and also maybe get a chance to meet Taylor at her concert tour. He says the concert was amazing, but unfortunately he didn’t get a chance to meet her. Nevertheless, his spirit and transformation are inspirational! His weight-loss journey lasted 700 days. In the beginning, it was hard for him to even get up from his chair, but with time he improved. Though it was very tough, he didn’t give up. This man definitely has a lot of courage and spirit!

Watch Ronnie’s transformation below! That is really motivating, is it not? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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