Giraffe babies stay in their mother’s womb for nearly 15 months. Moms give birth to their babies while standing up. In this video, we get to see the birth of a rare Rothschild Giraffe. This little guy was delivered at LEO Zoological Conservation Center, a conversation society in Connecticut, in 2013.

The mama giraffe is named Petal. After she went into labor, the staff thought it would be best to capture the beautiful moment on video. We can see the baby coming out – first her head emerges and dangles from the mother’s body, then she slowly falls onto the ground. According to experts, the hard fall is what “wakes” the baby up. Petal then cleans her newborn babe. But what shocked me the most is when the baby giraffe started walking a few minutes after she was born! Rothschild Giraffes are an endangered subspecies and only 1500 of them are left in the wild.

Watch the interesting clip below!

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