She Twists A Rubber Band Around The Door Handle. Why? I Never Knew THIS Was Possible!
We all know that rubber bands are quite a useful stuff to tie things and adjust them but what about it’s other uses? Do you have any idea about them? Well rubber band has actually a lot of uses than just tying things around.

What this young lady does with a rubber band will surely stun you. This handy little thing is actually useful for so many purposes. Did you ever know that you can keep your glasses in a firm position with the help of a rubber band? Yes, you actually can do that, you don’t even need to adjust it time and again to prohibit from slipping it through your nose.

Well apart from this there are some other amazing uses too. Watch this video to know about the brilliant uses of rubber bands. Do tell us which of the uses amused you the most. We would love to know your views on this video!

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