Children throw tantrums and can also do ANYTHING to get their parents or any adult’s attention. Most of the kids cry or lie on the floor to get attention. But, not this kid. He has a very unique way to get his mother’s attention.

Any normal child would rather play outside with his/her friends than go along with their parent’s boring errands. It seems the similar case with this young kid. From the very beginning of this video, this young boy seems really not interested in getting inside this boring room. Her mother struggles hard to take her boy along with her. She tries to stop him once or twice and continues talking to the receptionist, until the kid does THIS.

The mother in this video must have been heart-broken by her child’s rude behavior in public. I feel sad for her. But, at the same time I feel sad for this little boy as well. He is just a kid, and he just wanted her mother’s attention but his way of getting the attention was no way good.

What would you do if you were in this situation?

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