Kids usually join their parents for shopping trips. It’s not uncommon to see an adult with their child tagging along in a supermarket. Sometimes the kids are really well-behaved, sometimes they are not. The boy featured in the video below belongs to the latter category.

This rude little boy is not only very annoying, but he is really disobedient as well. Wait till you see what I am saying. You are going to be furious at him too! He intentionally keeps bumping his grocery cart into a poor shopper’s leg. And despite the shopper asking him to stop, he just doesn’t yield. What is even more maddening is the fact that his mom doesn’t do anything to stop the little brat! But then the shopper did something to put them both in place!

Watch what the shopper did in the video below! Do you think he was right to do that? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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