This horrifying surveillance footage from a school bus in Allegany County, New York, shows a group of children pleading their bus driver to stop the bus. These children seem to be very much scared. The reason for their fear and stress was driver Martha Thompson. Martha was operating a motor vehicle with a .15 blood alcohol content which is nearly twice the legal limit.

This video is actually terrifying. The children in the bus revealed that Thompson reached up to 70 miles per hour and even had hit a mail box. The video shows the condition of the bus. Soon seeing the horrible condition the children made their stand and stopped the driver from driving the bus.

It’s actually infuriating that this school driver got behind the wheels while he was intoxicated. He had put all the children’s lives in danger by doing so. The children however displayed incredible courage and maturity in a scary situation like this

Watch this video and tell us how you felt watching this video through your comments. This driver actually deserves a horrible punishment.

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