Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen is one of the most beloved and popular songs in the world. I have been a very big fan ever since I first heard it. I am sure you have heard a lot of covers of this masterpiece, but I assure you, Shannon Abbott’s rendition of this incredible song is completely different than anything you have ever heard before!

Shannon Christensen Abbott from Utah is a mother of two, who recently posted a video where she covered this hit by Cohen. She likes the original version, but according to her, the lyrics are “weird”. So Shannon took it upon herself to change the lyrics of the song to reflect her own hectic life as a stay-at-home mother. Her rendition of Hallelujah garnered more than two million views in just six days after it was posted online! Wait till you hear this!

Watch her beautiful yet hilarious version below. Did you enjoy this cover? Let us know if you liked it through your comments!

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