Domestic abuse has been a longtime problem in world and Italy is no exception. The 2012 United Nations Report called it the ‘most pervasive form of violence’ in the country. Many efforts have been carried out to end domestic violence but we haven’t really been able to succeed in that as we see violence existing in each and every corner of our society.

An online Italian newspaper has addressed domestic violence through a video which is quite unique and interesting. The video features six boys whose age range from seven to eleven. The boys are seen telling their names and age and also their aim for future.

These boys are then introduced to a girl named Martina. The boys are asked what they like about her and all of them have some really interesting answers. Likewise the boys are then asked to slap the girl. How these young boys react when they get faced with such an unexpected situation is really interesting!

Watch this video to know what these boys do. You will love to see how they react. The main intention of this video is to aware people that pacifism can be taught in a young age. This later helps to build a better society.

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