Elephants are some of the most intelligent animals on the planet. Sadly, they have faced a lot torture at the hands of humans. Sometimes they are hunted for their medicinal value, while sometimes they are captured for entertainment purposes. The video below features one of these poor elephants. She is called Sook-Jai and she was held captive almost all her life and was forced to work many different jobs during that time.

She was owned by different people who made her work until she couldn’t anymore. But then Sook-Jai’s life changed. The 73 year old elephant was rescued from her devastating life and was finally taken to a safe sanctuary. When Sook-Jai arrived at the Park, she was so happy that she raised her trunk to smell the new place and sent low rumbles out into the field. She even broke down. Her eyes are dim and her hearing is faint, but she can be happy now!

Watch this heartwarming story below!

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