Drew Lynch, who walked in the stage of America’s Got Talent 2015 didn’t always have the Stuttering problem. He was a normal sportsperson who was high in his game and lived the dream of his life. But a sudden accident in the field shattered his whole dream. Many of us would have felt devastated and depressed after such a dreadful change in life, but not Drew. Even though life took a great turn, he made the best out of it.

After the accident, Drew would write his feelings and emotions in the napkins while he was in hospital, which eventually became his habit. But his girlfriend who is very supportive towards Drew’s dream, suggested him to take all of his feelings to the stage. Drew then decided to become a comedian and shine in the world which he had never imagined before.

This 20 year old softball player suffered a vocal trauma that left him with a noticeable stutter. But instead of hiding his weakness, he turned it into his strength and is enjoying his life to the fullest. Watch this epic comedian below who even managed to get a ‘golden buzzer’ from one of the judges.

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