Are you eagerly waiting for FIFA World Cup 2014? Well for time being forget that world cup because for now we have a more interesting and tougher competition to show you. Kevin Richardson, the well known Lion Whisperer will show you a quite tough game of soccer with a group of wild lions.

Kevin calling the lion for the game.1

See who is coming!2

Confronting each other.3

Who wouldn’t want to receive that incredible hug?4

Hug followed by an incredible kiss!5

The best cuddle I have ever seen.6

Time to play!7

Kevin is suited while playing the game as it was an as for Dutch suit maker Van Gils, also an official sponsor of the Dutch national football team, KNVB.

The amazing footage of the soccer game is just below:

Kevin has dedicated his entire life to work for lions. This amazing video was shot at his animal sanctuary in his native South Africa.

Credit: Van Gills

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