The yellow Labrador featured in the video below is named Taylor. Nicknamed Prince Taylor and sometimes Tay-Tay, this little girl served her country in two different deployments. She was so good at her job that the Taliban even ended up giving her a bounty! Taylor was really close to Sgt. Tom Hanson. She detected many bombs that ultimately saved the lives of many soldiers. Taylor retired from the military recently.

Military dogs are put up for adoption after they have completed their service. But the process is very expensive and thus is hard to execute. However, a kind woman called Molli Oliver has been doing everything in her power to make it a reality. This flight attendant uses her own pocket money and flies military dogs home so that their soldiers can adopt them. Thanks to her, lots of retired military dogs are getting a second life alongside the soldiers they served with. This video features Sgt. Hanson and Taylor reuniting once again.

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