Teachers play a very important role in our life. Without genuine and efficient teachers a students’ future can be condemned to darkness. But most often in our society, the profession of a teacher is taken as a mere occupation for making a living. And to those who ask “what do teachers make?” here is the answer by Taylor Mali.

Taylor Mali is a teacher, humorist and slam poet who is mostly famous for his stand up comedies and satirical performances. In this video, he satirically stands up against the mentality of people who thinks that teachers are only after money.

One day when Mali was having dinner with his friends, one of his friends asked him about ‘what he makes as a teacher?’ It was a really ridiculous question according to Mali. He was so much insulted by this remark that he stood to his feet to say THIS to the whole world.

“Teacher’s make a difference, now what about you?” This last sentence is the most impressive and important part of this whole video. I am sure you will enjoy this video as I did.

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