Dinner time is always taken as one of the most important time in any family as member of families get to connect with each other during this time. But, because of technology, dinner time has been hijacked. People no longer sit at dinner table without TVs running or mobile phones on their hands.

How to get back those precious dinner time back from technology? Well… Dolmio has a genius plan.
Dolmio is the brand which makes pasta sauces. But now, Dolmio does not just make pasta sauces, it has a unique creation which can claim back the dinner time from technology.

In this video, an invention from Dolmio, a pepper hacker is being experimented on some families. This pepper hacker can shut down TVs, wipe out WiFi and disable mobile devices. Now with these distractions gone, people now will be able to sit down at the dinner table and have fun with their family.

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