Alzheimer’s affects over 5 million Americans and many more in the world. This dangerous condition not only has an effect on the patient’s life, but also on the life of their loved ones. The older man featured the video below is called Ted McDermott and he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years ago.

Ted used to be a singer who even traveled to the UK in order to perform at clubs and venues when he was younger. But with age, his memory began to fade. Not only did his memory deteriorate, but also his temper. Before he was too worse, his son, Mac, figured out a way to bring him back – if only for a short while. Mac played some of his dad’s favorite songs in front of him and encouraged the old man to join in. To his surprise, Ted remembered all the songs! They started singing together and recording it for the world to see. Now they have started a Just Giving page in order to raise enough money for Ted to produce his own album. They promise to donate 25 percent of the proceeds to Alzheimer’s research.

Watch the video below:

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