Scotty McCreery has been one of my favorite country artists ever since he won the tenth season of American Idol. This young man is also revered for his incredible stage presence. Scotty has been very passionate about covers for a long time. When he stepped on the Grand Ole Opry stage held some weeks back, everybody in the audience was eagerly waiting to see what cover he would sing for them.

I am sure every one of them expected an exceptional performance. And Scotty did not disappoint them in the slightest. He performed a poignant rendition of Gerorge Jones 1974 number one hit “The Grand Tour”. You are going to be fully captivated when you hear it for yourself! If you are a fan of George Jones, then this is definitely going to hit home!

Watch Scotty’s performance in the video below! Did you enjoy it? Let us know what you feel in the comments!

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