Trees are one of the things that are keeping us alive and I am not overstating this at all. Did you have any idea that trees cover almost 30% of the earth’s surface? Neither did I! They provide oxygen which helps to sustain life all around the world. One of the most renowned trees in the world has been growing for thousands of years now and this video shares with us some info about it.

The second-largest tree in the world, “The President”, is located in Sequoia National Park, California and it has been growing for 3,200 years now. This magnificent tree stands 247 feet tall and 27 feet in diameter. It comprises of nearly 2 billion leaves. According to NatGeo experts, when we count the overall width and above-ground size of “The President”, it is indeed the largest tree on earth.

The video below shows “The President” as photographed by National Geographic magazine photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols for the December 2012 issue. The final photograph consists of a mosaic of 126 images.

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