Most of the toddlers in their tender age try to figure out how to use a sippy cup or begin to tackle toilet training. Well not this little girl! She is way ahead. She is already on her feet showcasing her fantastic ballet skills on national television.

After her mom’s audition on “So You Think You Can Dance”, this little toddler wants to display her fabulous dancing skill as well. She comes to the stage and tells her mom that it is ‘her turn’. Accepting the request, judges allows this toddler to show whatever she has got. And when she begins, she just blows everyone’s mind. She even got a standing ovation. Well I can totally see a star emerging!

Her mom sure got through the audition. And with the natural talent and passion, this little toddler is guaranteed to be a great dancer someday. And who knows… she may even win the same title that her mom is competing for.

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