“Uptown Funk” is one of the biggest songs to come out in the recent years. As soon as it was released, it became an international sensation. It has over two billion views on YouTube alone! Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars really hit it big with this one. Thousands of people have uploaded videos of them singing or dancing to the song, and this little girl is no exception.

This young girl named Katie absolutely loves the song. Every time she hears it, she can’t help but groove along to it! She’s dancing in the kitchen like it’s nobody’s business, and it’s adorable to watch her sway and shake all over the room!

The best part is when the other verse of the song comes on. When Bruno Mars says “Stop, wait a minute!”, Katie stops on her tracks and puts her finger up. She’s such a clever and talented little girl, isn’t she?

Check out her adorable performance below:

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