Warning: This has some disturbing content!

This video shows something really disturbing. It shows the rescue of a newborn baby boy from a 20 cm sewage pipe. This video is of September, 2014. Firefighters in east China’s Zhejiang Province rescued this newborn baby who was found in a toilet sewage pipe in a residential building in the city of Jinhua.

The residents in the building reported to the firefighting department that they heard a baby crying in the toilet of the fourth floor. This video shows the heart whelming rescue of this little angel. The firefighters used an angle grinder to break and open the pipeline on the third floor.

Police believe that the young mother had hoped to conceal the pregnancy but with a twist, the baby became wedged inside the pipe. It was really fortunate that the baby was still alive. The miracle baby was treated and released from the hospital and then taken home by his maternal grandparents.

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