Gender roles play a huge part in the way toy manufacturers market their products. For example, girl’s products are normally packed in pink while boy’s products in blue. But this little girl in the video doesn’t like this biasness and decides to raise question against it.

In the toy store, this little girl has a lot of questions for the whole world. She doesn’t like the categorization of the toys according to the gender. She even points a poignant finger at companies who “try to trick” girls into wanting certain toys and not others while convincing boys to buy ‘super hero’ toys. She raises the voice against such manipulation by the companies and the society as well.

In such a tender age, this girl seems to have a prominent knowledge about the society’s manipulation over toy choices. This kind of curious and knowledgeable kids are the ones who can make difference in the future. Her dad must be so proud of her.

What do you think about this little girl’s opinion? Do you agree with her?

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