Love is the most powerful thing in the world and after seeing this video you will not be able to deny that. Don and Maxine Simpson were totally in love with each other. They were married for almost sixty two years and had adopted two sons.

Don loved his lady Maxine to the end of the earth. Their love was always strong and never faded with time. Their love story perfectly reminds you a Hollywood love story but this is not any film or reel life story rather a real life story.

This couple from Bakersfield always stayed together through all their hard times but they had now started struggling with health. With the family’s determination, they were able to stay together during the most difficult phase of their life too. They stayed together in the same bedroom.

According to their granddaughter Melissa Sloan, “It is a true love story.” A love story which ended with the end of their lives, a love story that will be forever cherished by the generations to come!


His last words he said in this life were… “This is my beautiful wife!,” and he smiled blissfully. Those were the last words Maxine would hear.

62 years


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