Wedding crashers have forever been every couple’s worst nightmare. No one would want their big day to be crashed. But if the crasher is a giant sea turtle, things might just get different as the bride and groom wouldn’t mind its entrance and let it inside.

The bride and the turtle.


This circumstance was faced by one of the couple, their wedding was crashed by a giant sea turtle. Redditor In3 posted these pictures on Sunday after tying the knot in St. Croix where an uninvited attendee made a surprising appearance.

The giant turtle making its entrance.


According to the commentors, it was not just a turtle but a leatherback, the largest living turtles onearth. Along with that the attendees also got to witness a really great moment: the laying of the turtle’s eggs. As Redditor In3 explained, the turtle came ashore, digged a hole by circling around and laid eggs on the beach. Soon it covered it back and rolled back into the ocean.

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