Ok, I’ll give you four guesses to predict what these two pit bulls do when they think their dad is drowning.

  1. Let dad fend for himself because it’s cold outside and the pooches just got their fur shampooed.
  2. Go hide under the radiator with the family cat and hope dad returns with a giant bone.
  3. Bark happily. Now they are free to pee on the carpet at will!
  4. Go full ‘Baywatch,’ leap into the water, and drag dad to safety by his life preserver.

If you predicted answers 1,2, or 3, you are vastly underestimating the bond between a man and his dog. Shame on you! Any dog owner knows that the answer is #4. Even though their dad was wearing a life vest and looked to be an entirely capable swimmer, there’s no room for risk when you’re faced with losing your best friend.

This video is more proof that there is nothing on earth more loyal than a dog.

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