Octopus is known as a very smart animal. They are wonderful creatures. They are among the most intelligent and flexible invertebrates. They have many strategies to defend themselves from any sort of predator or danger with ways like expulsion of the ink, ability to jet quickly in the water, ability to hide and use of camouflage.

Octopus trails its eight arms behind as it swims in the water. Except the blue ringed octopus, which is known to be deadly to human all other octopuses are venomous to humans. Some people even try to keep octopuses as pets. However its too difficult to keep them in captivity. Due to their problem solving skills, mobility and lack of rigid structure they can escape quite easily. They can even escape from secured tanks.

This octopus in the video had got into a boat but as the human started interfering, it got angry and wanted to escape. Everyone was waiting to see how this octopus would escape from the boat as there wasn’t any way out except a small hole. But to every one’s surprise it slowly escaped through the same tiny hole. Everyone was totally surprised to see that.

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