We often hear stories about humans rescuing and saving animals; but as this video shows, animals can save humans too.

This amazing pooch featured below is called Way and she resides in a city in Argentina. One cold night, Way came across an abandoned human child in an alleyway. Way had a litter of her own, but she didn’t want to leave the little infant behind. She took him under her care. This decision eventually saved the baby’s life.

Way, a stray dog, encountered a one month old human child in an alleyway one freezing winter night. The baby was abandoned by his 33 year old mother, but Way rescued him before it was too late.

Despite having her own litter, she undertook the responsibilities for the abandoned baby as well. She, along with her puppies, kept the infant warm all night. Rescuers say that if it wasn’t for Way, the child might not have survived.

Alejandra Griffa heard the infant’s cries the next morning. She rushed him to the hospital, and the child’s mother was detained.

Watch the story below:

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