WARNING: This article may cause a sudden and unexpected flooding of your tear ducts.

The responsibilities one undertakes when bringing a pet into their home cannot be understated. Until it’s very last day, a pet requires love, attention, and a lint roller.

One New York City man vowed to provide his pooch with the best possible life until the last possible second. After his dog was diagnosed with a terminal illness, Neil Rodriguez took his dog, Poh, on an epic seven week cross-country tour of the United States.

Rodriguez adopted Poh from a shelter when he was just eight weeks old and 16 years later, he was given just weeks to live after experiencing kidney failure.

Rodriguez was scheduled to be in Arizona for a work engagement in March, but simply could not leave his best friend behind, fearing the worst could happen if he did.

So Neil, his fiancée, and Poh packed their bags and an IV drip for their buddy and set out for Arizona as a trio. Poh did so remarkably well on the journey that Neil decided he wanted to make an adventure out of it, visiting iconic American attractions like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Bourbon Street, the National Mall in D.C., and touring the sites of his hometown city, NYC.

When the seven week journey was finally complete, Rodriguez claims that they drove 12,000 miles and stopped in 35 cities. The entire adventure was documented in the Instagram account, “PohTheDogsBigAdventure.”

Poh passed away shortly after his unforgettable journey with his mom and dad, but it’s hard to argue that the pooch wasn’t at peace…


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[Photos courtesy of Instagram]