Harassment is the most awful thing to go through. The discomfort, trouble and damage harassment causes to one’s life is simply unavoidable. Women are bound to go through assaults in their daily life whether it may be on streets, in trains, work place or any other place. Assaults seem to be waiting for them to happen.

Harassment is not word that we can let go easily. Harassment breaks women physically as well as mentally. It haunts them forever. Men who are engaged in assaulting women never have any idea about what the women feel going through it. Well why they would even feel as it’s a matter of fun for them, fun they get by exploiting the innocence and silence of women.

It’s really important to stand against harassment. Going through it with silence increases the caliber and attempts of the men who harass women. We need to stand up against it, together. This video shows how women go everyday through harassment and torture due to men, how women are bound to go through the assaulting remarks of men everyday and what sort of impact it has on them.

Before we ask anyone to get over the assaults and harassment she has gone we ought to know what it’s really like to go through it. From the time you know it you will never ask anyone to get over it rather you will ask to go against it not with silence but through actions.

It’s really important for women to know that fighting back is very essential at the time of crisis. Harassment is a heinous crime and we all should go against it. Share this powerful video with your friends and family too. Aware them with this important message by sharing this video.