Jonny Hickey was diagnosed with autism at a very young age. He struggled with social anxiety and various other issues. The Hickey family was having quite a difficult time adjusting with all these when a miracle happened in their family.

Jonny’s mom had heard a story about a horribly abused and neglected pit bull named Xena. Seeing the dog’s terrible condition she decided to adopt her though she already had two dogs at her home. When she adopted Xena and brought her home she had no idea how her son would react seeing her. She didn’t hope much because Jonny had never shown any connection with the two dogs who were already their family.

Surprisingly this time there was an instant connection between Xena and Jonny. Gradually with Xena’s support Jonny’s life started changing. Watch the video to know what happened after that. This beautiful video will surely touch your heart.

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